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TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger

TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger
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Price (including VAT): £22.00
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Model: MP1550
Manufacturer: Tekkeon
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Power and charge on the go!

The TekCharge MP1550 uses standard rechargeable AA batteries (not included) to provide emergency power to popular mobile phones, plus many more small portable devices. Never be without power again – even on the road. The MP1550 operates also as a battery charger for your rechargeable AA batteries power by a USB port.

The TekCharge can charge and power portable devices anywhere, anytime, making it a versatile solution for the power needs of most of your mobile products, on the road, and at home. Most portable devices are often in need of recharging after a few hours of use. With TekCharge, you can enjoy hours of extended play time on your mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, iPhone, iPod, Zune® and MP3 players, portable CD players, Bluetooth headsets, and other small portable electronic products.

TekCharge can connects to your device in a couple of ways: either using an adapter to connect to your device or with a USB cable The voltage regulator in the MP1550 will protect your device and its battery from damage.

TekCharge comes with a handy carrier bag, plus seven adapter tips for connection to:

  • iPod/iPhone (using your own Apple USB cable)
  • Blackberry (mini USB)
  • Nokia mobile phones
  • LG mobile phones
  • Motorola mobile phones (mini USB)
  • Samsung mobile phones
  • Sony Ericsson mobile phones

Summary of features

  • Visual indicators identify power capacity level and status
  • Small and lightweight so it’s comfortable to carry
  • Charges up to two pair of rechargeable AA batteries through USB
  • Regulates output voltageIncludes charging circuitry that will not overcharge your rechargeable batteries
  • Universal to power and charge hundreds of portable devices:
Portable Device Power on the Go*
Mobile phones 12 hrs of talk time
PDAs 5 hrs
Portable media players 5 hrs of playback
Bluetooth headsets 50 hrs of talk time
MP3 players 28 hrs of audio playback
iPhone 28 hrs of audio playback,
8 hrs of video playback,
12 hrs of talk time,
370 hrs of standby,
7 hrs of Wi-Fi Internet use
iPod touch 32 hrs of audio playback,
11 hrs of video playback
iPod classic 118 hrs of audio playback,
20 hrs of video playback
Zune® 125 hrs of audio playback,
17 hrs of video playback

*Hours shown are approximate and will vary depending on connected device.

Technical specification

Size and Weight
Weight (with four batteries) 4.5 oz (125 g)
Size 3.2" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 0.7" (D)
Electrical Specifications
Battery Cell Uses two or four AA Rechargeable NiMH or Alkaline Batteries
Output Voltage 5V Regulated
Output Current 800mA
Charging Time 3 hours for 2 cells
6 hours for 4 cells
Input Charging Voltage 5VDC to charge NiMH cells
Adapter Tips 7
USB Output Port Built In
Accessories Retractable USB cable,
Adapter pouch
Temperature Specifications
Storage Temperature -20 to 43°C (-4 to 110°F)
Operating Temperature Range
Charge 0 - 45°C (32 - 113°F)
Discharge -20 - 60°C (-4 - 140°F)
Capacity Indicator
Green LED (one) 1 - 30%
Green LED (two) 30 - 65%
Green LED (three) 65 - 100%
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TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger
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TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger
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TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger
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TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger
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TekCharge MP1550 Portable USB Charger
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