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Gilisymo Time of Flight proximity sensor

Gilisymo Time of Flight proximity sensor
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Model: Gilisymo LS53L0X
Manufacturer: Gilisymo
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Gilisymo - proximity measurement made simple

The VLS53L0X distance measurement sensor from ST Microelectronics is known as the world's smallest Time of Flight (ToF) ranging sensor. Essentially it is a laser-based device which can measure the proximity of objects in its nearby path (up to 2m), typically used by the million for auto-focus in digital cameras and phones and the likes of automatic taps and soap dispensers.

Gilisymo (a partner of ST Microelectronics) have built this module to pair the ToF sensor with an ST Microelectronics micro-controller (STM32F030) and, most importantly, have loaded their powerful firmware to calibrate, configure and interact with the VLS53L0X device in an easy plug'n'play manner, facilitating output via a number of common protocols, such as I2C, PWM and UART. The Gilisymo module is therefore compatible and very quick to get up and running with the Nucleo, Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms and is ultra compact in size at just 24mm x 19mm x 8mm.

Each module has been calibrated in advance so that it will start accurately outputing distance data immediately on powering up. In terms of code development to interact with the VLS53L0X, all the "heavy lifting" can be done by the Gilisymo firmware, enabling prototyoe makers and hobbyists to concentrate their time and effort on how to incorporate proximity measurement into their projects and prototypes. The firmware has been designed to allow multiple boards to be used together to create an array of sensors all controlled from one master unit, opening up all sorts of application beyond the single-dimenion proximity scenario.


Main Features

  • Chipset
    • VL53L0X TOF sensor
    • STMF030C8T6 micro-controller
  • Firmware
    • Developed by Gilisymo, a partner of ST Microelectronics
    • Pre-loaded within Flash Memory
  • Laser class
    • Class 1 (IEC 60825-1:2014 - 3rd edition)
  • Ranging distance
    • 3cm to 2m
  • Data acquisition
    • I2C
    • UART
    • PWM
  • Control
    • I2C
    • UART
  • Power supply
    • 2V8 to 3V3
  • Board Dimension
    • 24mm x 18mm x 8mm

Advanced features

  • Possibility to connect up to 125 LS53L0X boards (1 Master and 124 slave). Why? One example would be to build an array of sensors which could interpret a variety of hand gestures.
  • Control and the data acquisition of all the LS53L0X accessible from the Master.
  • Use your own algorithm with multiple devices:
    • Obstacle Detection
    • Indoor GPS
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Curve Surface Profiling
    • and also Lidar, Sound Light, Quantity Detection and more...

Block diagram

Board pinout

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Gilisymo Time of Flight proximity sensor
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Gilisymo Time of Flight proximity sensor
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Gilisymo Time of Flight proximity sensor
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Gilisymo Time of Flight proximity sensor
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